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Your support makes our work possible.

The Cooperative is in an era of recentering and growth. We are working to actualize a fully staffed organization so the work and dream can be attained. We are...

  1. Resourcing Black, queer, and trans community members across Minnesota to become collaborators in expanding the framework that drives Cooperative.

  2. Rising to the challenge of a hostile philanthropic landscape for Black-led systems change organizations. 

  3. Shifting the approach for how to fund and sustain the Cooperative in light of these challenges. 

  4. Searching for individuals to steward the Healthcare Abolition,  Resource Redistribution, and Community Ideated Meaning Making programs of the Cooperative. 

The Cooperative is a scalable investment in Black liberation and the undoing of harmful systems of oppression.


Resource Redistribution

A part of the Cooperative's work is to support and re-distribute wealth amongst the community. If you're able to spread the wealth by donating to any of the links below it is greatly appreciated.

You, your organization, or someone you know in the community can share the link to their funding support through the button below.



Tenants from the Bell Lofts are in need of immediate assistance. @documentingmn, $ittakesavillagemn, @ittakesavillagemn2020


Queer Darkskin Woman in Need

Total Funds Needed $8,000

Facing Eviction

Car damaged in hit and run

CASHAPP $AsheJaafaru

PAYPAL @AsheJaafaru


We are all we really have

Total needed $800

A valued community member needs help after a rough year. Late cell phone bill, health insurance, lingering moving expenses. 

VENMO @miriam_k 

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